County Commissioner Handbook


In Girlguiding there are systems for managing member and future member data: Go! and Join Us. As County Commissioner it is important for you to have a working knowledge of these systems even if you choose to delegate the task of using them.


Girlguiding’s Guiding Organiser (Go!) is a database that allows our members and recognised volunteers to record and manage their guiding information and level information depending on the role(s) held.

It is Girlguiding policy that all members and recognised volunteers have their basic information accurately recorded on Go!.

As a Commissioner, you are responsible for updating the roles and qualifications of volunteers in your area as well as ensuring that recruitment checks are done. This includes ensuring that roles are added, removed or extended in a timely manner. This can be delegated but you must maintain an overview of these tasks and their completion.

County Go! is a ‘thin’ version of the organisation-wide Go! desktop.

Every County Commissioner is able to invite up to four individuals to use County Go!. They may have either ‘read and write’ or ‘read only’ access to County Go!. You should complete a County Go! User Sign Off Sheet  for each individual, to say that you have discussed their role and that they have read and understood the Go! communication best practice guidelines, as well as their Country/Region and County protocols.

Your County Go! Users should be good communicators and IT competent. They must gain or have knowledge of both the local structure and the Girlguiding structure and processes.

To change a County Go! User contact Go! Support ().

As Commissioner you may wish to appoint a Go! Coordinator; this is an individual who coordinates and supports Go! in the County. They will have read and write access. They will be appointed by you when you take on the role of Commissioner and their role ends when you stop being County Commissioner.

Their tasks include:

As County Commissioner it is your responsibility to ensure that these tasks are completed in a timely manner.

Join Us

The Join Us system allows prospective volunteers and parents of girls to register their interest in guiding. Enquirers are offered the choice of selecting preferred units by name, day or distance.
As County Commissioner you must ensure that enquiries receive a prompt response.

It is important to have a Join Us Coordinator within the County to ensure that the system is effectively used and managed. They are the main point of contact for communications linked to the Join Us process; this role can be delegated.

Your Join Us Coordinator should be a good communicator and IT competent, and is responsible for providing a warm welcome to all enquirers. This role is appointed and managed in the same way as the County Go! Coordinator.

Their tasks include:

Although this task may be delegated, as County Commissioner you must make sure that enquiries are responded to within an appropriate time frame.