County Commissioner Handbook


The Fundraising and Marketing Team set up partnerships with companies and organisations which can add value to our work. ‘Value’ can mean lots of different things – for instance time, gifts in kind, free resources, reciprocal marketing opportunities to help recruit new volunteers and/or girls, and, of course, money.

We ask that any member thinking of approaching a national company (even if the HQ is based in their area) speak to the Fundraising and Marketing Team first. This is to ensure professionalism and secure the most benefit for our charity (preferably one big approach rather than lots of small ones, which can lead to potential partners losing interest).

We are also interested in hearing about any links to companies or organisations we could partner with, and if we are unable to do anything centrally, you can still use the team’s professional experience and knowledge to ensure that you get the best from partnerships (advice on pricing, template partner agreements and packaging up opportunities etc). Brand alliance with guiding and the goodwill attached to our charity are very valuable to companies!