County Commissioner Handbook

County finances

As County Commissioner you have overall responsibility for finances and accounts in your County. This may seem like a daunting task, but it is one that can be delegated to someone with more specialist knowledge as long as you maintain an overall view of accounts and budgeting. This may be an ideal opportunity to recruit volunteers within the County who cannot commit to regular meetings.

County finances (as with all charity finances) must be separated into unrestricted and restricted funds.

Endowment funds are a form of restricted funds that are usually required to be maintained intact and invested for the purpose of the charity, with only the investment proceeds able to be spent. There are circumstances where these restrictions can be varied but it is a technical legal process and you should seek legal advice if you wish to investigate this course of action.

Some endowments do not require the capital to be preserved and these may be spent out completely. With all endowments the conditions that accompany the funds must always be followed very carefully.