County Commissioner Handbook

Creating a continuity management plan

To create your continuity management plan you will need to have completed an impact analysis and risk assessment. This will have determined the likely risks to your County and how long you feel the County can continue without each service.

Your Continuity plan should contain all the information that your County Team needs to maintain the running of the County in unforeseen circumstances, including if you are unavailable.

Copies should be kept somewhere accessible to all key members, for example an online file sharing service.

One member of the team should be made responsible for any updates to the plan. Updates should be made in consultation with the rest of the team and new versions should be saved with the date that changes were made, so that anyone accessing the plans can be sure that they have the most recent version.

To make sure that your continuity plan will be effective it should be tested in advance. It will not be possible to test all parts of the plan, but try out the communication strategy to make sure that all members of the team can be contacted.

Other scenarios can be tested through discussion, where each member of the team describes what their actions would be. Make sure that scenarios are relevant to your County; your risk assessment can help with this.

Make sure you review your continuity management plan regularly, ensuring that: