County Commissioner Handbook


During your time as County Commissioner you are likely to deal with complaints that have been escalated, ones that District and Division Commissioners feel unable to deal with, complaints from other volunteers or those from parents who contact you directly.

It is important that you remain impartial when dealing with complaints. If you feel that you need further support, speak to your Country or Region.

If you are asked to investigate a complaint you must follow Girlguiding’s complaints procedure, including timescales and communications. Complaints should be acknowledged within three to five days and resolved within approximately 28 days.

When investigating a complaint, you should start by arranging to contact the complainant by telephone or visit to talk about the complaint. Collect all information and any evidence there may be, and obtain a clearer understanding of what happened. Keep clear notes during this meeting. You may also feel that it is wise to have a second impartial person attend with you.

Confirm in writing the complaint(s) made, and conduct further investigation with any other parties involved. It is important to be discreet while doing so and keep thorough notes.

Once the investigation is completed, arrange to meet or contact the complainant to discuss the outcomes of the investigation. Let them know if the complaint has been upheld, and any actions that will be taken, as well as any key learning points which may have been identified from the complaint. Follow this up with confirmation in writing.

Further information on the complaints procedure can be found in the Guiding Manual.

See also the Handling Complaints resource.