County Commissioner Handbook

The Guide Association Trust Corporation

The Guide Association Trust Corporation is a service provided by Girlguiding to its membership. It acts as custodian trustee for freehold or leasehold property on behalf of units or areas. The Corporation exists to take some of the worry out of owning property or investments and to provide support for volunteers. It is overseen by its Board Members, who are Girlguiding representatives of the English Regions and Wales, and is chaired by the Chief Guide.

Any unit or area of Girlguiding in England, Wales, Ulster, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man can use the services of the Trust Corporation. (It is not usually appropriate for the Trust Corporation to act as a trustee of property in Scotland.)

The benefits of using the Trust Corporation are that the Corporation:

The Trust Corporation does not take over responsibility for managing the property.

Further information can be found in the Guiding Manual.