County Commissioner Handbook


There are many types of property and sites owned within Girlguiding. These range from a small hut or piece of land to a Training and Activity Centre or large campsite. Properties can be a valuable asset to a County. They can provide essential space for meetings, storage, or a chance for girls to take part in residential events. They could even have the potential to bring in extra income.

As Commissioner you must have access to records of all the properties owned and leased by your County. These should include:

All property must be properly insured and therefore an accurate valuation of the building and its contents is vital. The Guide Association Trust Corporation is a service available to our membership where buildings are held in trust by the organisation.  Further information about this is available in the Guiding Manual, including contact details for insurance services.

The Guiding Manual includes an area called Property Gateway which contains information to ensure managers and owners are informed of all changes and updates to best practice and health and safety regulations regarding properties and sites. In addition Best Intentions contains comprehensive property management information and guidance notes to support mangers of properties and is available free from the Girlguiding shop (order code 6896).

Girlguiding also has an in-house property lawyer who is able to assist with queries. We have a Preliminary Legal Enquiry Form which should be used if your query is of a legal nature or would require the assistance of a solicitor.

If you have any questions which have not been addressed by Property Gateway, Best Intentions or through our legal process, please contact  or call 020 7834 6242 ext. 3016.