County Commissioner Handbook

Team roles

Your County Team will be made up of volunteers in your area. The needs of every County are different and you should consider the requirements of your area when putting together a team.

A summary of the roles you could have within your County is provided.

Role Description Skills Role length (if applicable) Women only
Assistant County Commissioner Can assist and support County Commissioner with most tasks. Unable to give authorisation instead of a County Commissioner. Good communication skills. Good team-working skills. 3 years + 2 years Y
County Administrator Provides administrative support for the County Team. This can include research, minute-taking and so on. Good communication skills. Well organised. Good computer skills. N/A N
County Adviser A specialist in a particular field who is able to offer support and practical advice, such as the outdoors or the Brownie programme.Further advice on working with Advisers can be found inĀ Further advice on working with Coordinators can be found inĀ Working with Advisers and Coordinators. Good communication skills. Specialist knowledge of a particular area, section or programme. 3 years + 2 years N
County Coordinator A designated point of contact for a particular area of the guiding programme. Not necessarily a specialist in this area.For example most Counties have a Go! Coordinator as this can be a very large task within a County.Further advice on working with Coordinators can be found in Working with Advisers and Coordinators. Organisation, communication N/A N
County Depot Manager Responsible for depot within the County, including ordering stock and handling money. Organisation. N/A N
County Join Us Coordinator Responsible for coordinating all aspects of Join Us within the County including functions, training, monitoring the system and ensuring that enquiries progress. Point of contact for Join Us. Good IT and communication skills. Ability to provide a warm welcome to all enquirers. Mirrors Commissioner N
County Treasurer Responsible to the local Commissioner and any appropriate committee for the management of accounts. Ensures that the accounts are submitted for examination annually and that they comply with the provisions of the Charities Acts (or appropriate legislation in Scotland) as they relate to accounts.May also be asked to check the local accounts within the District, Division or County to ensure that they have been examined annually. Organisation, IT skills, comfortable working with figures. N/A N
Division Commissioner Responsible for the organisation and development of guiding in her area. Leads the Division Team and is a member of the County Team. Good communication skills. Good team-working skills. Organisation. Management skills 3 years + 2 years Y
Go! Coordinator Supports Go! users and coordinates Go! training. Assists with the subscription process as required. Responsible for data management. IT skills. Good communication. Knowledge of local and national Girlguiding structure and processes. Mirrors Commissioner N
County Marketing and Communications Adviser Covers public relations, marketing and internal communications. Written and verbal communication. Organisation. 3 years + 2 years N
Trefoil Guild County Chairman Administers the Trefoil Guild in the County and is responsible for appointing members of the County Trefoil Guild team. Good communication and organisational skills. 3 years + 2 years N