County Commissioner Handbook

Succession planning

There is a maximum term of office for all volunteers in your County Team. A strong succession planning system will ensure that roles do not become vacant without a suitable candidate to fill them.

Keep track of when roles end within the County so that the role can be filled efficiently and with the best person.

Consider these things when succession planning.

As Commissioner you will have many opportunities to meet volunteers in your area. Always be on the lookout for members with skills to offer at County level and have a notebook with you to keep a list of any names in. These may not be the people that have traditionally been involved in the County. Visiting District or Division events and talking to local Commissioners will help you in your succession planning. Remember as well that some roles, such as Advisers and Coordinators, do not have to be filled by a female member.

Do not feel under pressure to fill a role immediately. It is better to leave a role vacant for a short period than fill it with someone unsuitable. If the role is being left open while an extended search takes place, make sure you give yourself a deadline.