County Commissioner Handbook

County structure

During your time as County Commissioner you may need to consider how Districts and Divisions are divided within the County.

If a District wishes to divide, amalgamate or close, the Division Commissioner should have a discussion with all the Leaders in the District(s). This should include:

You should be kept informed of all discussions.

If all parties concerned are happy, then the decision and all the facts in writing should be forwarded to you as County Commissioner.

If a Division wishes to divide, amalgamate or close then discussion should take at District level. District Commissioners should then take their Leaders’ opinions to a meeting of District Commissioners at Division level, with you as County Commissioner in attendance. When a majority decision is reached it should be passed, with all facts in writing to you.

If you are in agreement you should inform the Country/Region Chief Commissioner in writing, including the following information:

Flowchart outlining the processes for splitting or amalgamating Districts and Divisions.

District/Division wishes to split/amalgamate

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Discussion with all Leaders within District(s) or Division(s)

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If there is agreement, all facts relating to decision sent in writing to County Commissioner

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County Commissioner informs Country or Region Chief Commissioner in writing

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Region makes changes