County Commissioner Handbook

Difficulties with decisions

At times you may encounter difficulties surrounding decisions within the County. You should have strategies in place to deal with this.

Implementing somebody else’s decision

You may have to implement a decision made by someone else, for example Country and Region, which you personally do not agree with. No member is expected to implement a decision to which they have a strong moral or ethical objection. If this is the case you should speak to your appointing Commissioner.
Otherwise, it is important that decisions are given your full support; this applies equally to other members of your team.

If you do not agree with a decision, talk to the people involved and gain as much information as possible. This may give you a greater understanding about why a decision has been made. You may wish to appoint a ‘champion’ for this decision who is able to give it her full support.

Encountering resistance

At times you may need to make decisions that are unpopular with members of your County. If you think beforehand about who will be affected (for example, using a simple flow chart) you can pre-empt any negative reactions.

If you do encounter resistance to a decision from a member or group, it is important that you treat their opinions with respect. If possible meet them face-to-face and explain in detail the reasons behind the decision. It may be advisable to email a written copy of these reasons after the meeting has taken place.