County Commissioner Handbook

Welcome to your role

The County Commissioner is responsible for and accountable to the whole membership in the County. By leading a team of dedicated and skilled Commissioners and Advisers you will ensure that quality guiding is delivered at County level.

As County Commissioner you are both an internal and an external ‘figurehead’ for guiding. You should be a visionary leader who can formulate and follow a strategic plan, communicate effectively at all levels and network with local communities.

In your role you may also be a Trustee of guiding both at County level and within your Country and Region, so it is essential that you get to know your responsibilities and sources of assistance.

You will need to give time to building up relationships and managing people, so you can increase your knowledge and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

This is your opportunity to drive guiding forward in your area of the UK. You can bring about change that improves the opportunities for girls and young women to experience guiding. You have five years in which to lead, contribute and grow both yourself and guiding.

Being County Commissioner offers a fantastic opportunity to influence guiding in your area and create real change.

Thank you for agreeing to take on this role. Please take a look at the links below for more information and don’t forget to book on one of our up and coming training weekends.