County Commissioner Handbook

The designate period

When you are first appointed County Commissioner it is likely that you will hold the role of Commissioner designate. The designate period is a time when the previous Commissioner is still in post and the new Commissioner is actively shadowing them in this role, to prepare for when their role begins. 

For County Commissioners the designate period should be undertaken, if possible, while the previous Commissioner is still in the role and ideally should last no more than six months.

This is a time for you to shadow the retiring Commissioner, learning from her experience and experiencing some duties and procedures within the County.

It is also an opportunity for you to become known within the County. Try to visit Divisions and Districts and get to know the existing County team.

At the end of the designate period you will meet with your appointing Commissioner who will conduct your six-month review. If you are confirmed in your role as Commissioner your Go! record will be updated from Commissioner Designate to Commissioner. Commissioners conducting a Commissioner Designate’s six-month review may find this document useful. 

Within 6 weeks of your Go! record being updated you will receive an email from Girlguiding Headquarters which will include an invite to a County Commissioner Induction weekend. These are held twice and year so you should be able to attend one within the first six months of your role. Also by email and post you will receive the following useful documents: