County Commissioner Handbook


Support for Commissioners is available from a variety of sources. The members’ area on the Girlguiding website features answers to frequently asked questions, up-to-date forms and resources, and news for Commissioners.

Updates for Commissioners are sent bi-monthly in the form of an e-newsletter. It is important to keep your email address current on Go! so that these updates reach you.

In addition there are:

It is not necessary for County Commissioners to have a Mentor; you should, if possible, be offered a period shadowing the retiring Commissioner. If the retiring Commissioner is not available, your Country or Region should find a suitable Mentor. This should be someone with experience of the role who is impartial and does not sit on the current County Executive Committee.

The outgoing Commissioner should be an invaluable source of knowledge and support throughout your designate period. Many Commissioners keep in touch with the outgoing Commissioner after this time has ended.

Advisers and Coordinators are also vital within a County as they will be able to offer specialist knowledge in their area.

You should also be able to get advice and support from the Country or Region Chief Commissioner and other County Commissioners in the Country or Region. Establish a communication network with Commissioners within your Region. This can be formalised or include informal gatherings after Region meetings.