County Commissioner Handbook

Job-sharing and Assistants

Job-sharing the role of Commissioner can help spread the workload and allows for a greater range of skills to be brought to the role.

Define from the start the division of work, and make sure that this is communicated to everyone within the County. Keep in regular contact with each other and have set times to catch up on County developments. 

You may wish to share an email address for Commissioner work. If this is the case, make sure that you have a system to mark which emails have received a response.

Everyone sharing the role will be recorded on Go! as a Commissioner, but one person will be the main contact for the level.

You may wish to appoint an Assistant County Commissioner to help you with the role (you can have more than one Assistant County Commissioner). This is your appointment but should be made in consultation with your Country or Region Chief Commissioner.

An Assistant can be a great source of support for you throughout your time in the role and can act as a sounding board for any issues you may face. 

Although a lot of the role may be delegated, there are certain tasks that cannot be authorised by your Assistant County Commissioner in your place.