County Commissioner Handbook


In order to make the most of your County team you should be able to delegate.

Consider the tasks that need completing within your County and the members of your team. If there are areas that can be covered by an Adviser or Coordinator’s specialism it would be best practice for them to cover that area.

Also consider members’ strengths in communication, time management and people management.

These areas of work cannot be delegated.

Not all tasks have to be covered by a member of the County team. Specialist areas, such as accounts or legal issues, can and should be delegated to someone with the required knowledge. This can be an ideal opportunity to involve a wider range of people within the County, including parents of girls or volunteers who are unable to commit regularly but want to help.

Remember that ultimate responsibility for any delegated tasks lies with you as County Commissioner. You need to make sure that delegated tasks are being completed to a satisfactory standard.

Keep a list of tasks that have been delegated with an agreed timescale for completion. The County Commissioner Delegation Chart uses a traffic light system, also known as a RAG Grid, which can be a useful tool for keeping track of delegated tasks. However, you should choose a system which works for you.

Maintain regular contact with the person undertaking the task; this can be done over the phone or via email.