County Commissioner Handbook

Annual Review

In addition to an annual meeting (a short trustee meeting which may be required by the County Constitution or for charities) and an annual report (which may be required for charities if their income reaches a certain level), Counties/Islands may decide to produce an annual review document, video, or hold an event to review the year. This is completely optional, but can be a beneficial way to promote local guiding, especially if done in an imaginative and lively way.

It is important to decide first on the purpose of the annual review.

It is unlikely that any one event would be able to achieve all these, so you may wish to consider something different for each purpose or audience.

General points to consider for any annual review.

If showcasing activities to an external audience, a web page, online video, or bright leaflet with key facts you should ensure you use Girlguiding’s branding guidelines and key messages.

If an event, and for an external audience, consider;

If the event or document is for a Girlguiding audience, think about what will achieve your aims the best.

Be sure to evaluate the event afterwards to check that it met your objectives, and whether it is something you wish to repeat in a similar or different way on a future occasion.