County Commissioner Handbook

Smartphone and tablet help

If you are using a smartphone or tablet to access the County Commissioner Handbook the following guidance may help you.

Save the Handbook to your home screen

Whilst looking at the home page of the website on your smartphone or tablet, save the website to your home screen or add a bookmark. You will then be able to go straight to the website either by selecting the icon on your home screen or selecting the bookmark whenever you want, as long as you have an internet connection.

Navigate around the site

To find the list of sections on the website and start to look around, click on the three horizontal line icon in the top left of the screen. This will open up the list of sections. Select which section you wish to look at and scroll down that page to see the topics you can find content about.

On the home page there are three ‘Getting started’ links which take you to areas that might be of interest to you.

On other pages you may find links at the bottom of the text which will take you to content that might be of interest. You will also find ‘In this section’ which gives the other items listed within the chapter so you can move to any of these easily.

Search function

Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top left of the screen. Click onto the word ‘search’ to open up your keypad and enter the word(s) you are looking for. Then select on ‘search’ or the magnifying glass icon to the right of the search text box. The search results will be listed, unless the search did not find anything, in which case you will be informed ‘No results found’ and will have the opportunity to enter a new word to search for.