County Commissioner Handbook


As part of Growing Guiding you should create a recruitment strategy for your County.

Things to consider are:

It may be appropriate to delegate areas of recruitment; for example, Division Commissioners may be better positioned to appoint District Commissioners as they will be more aware of the needs of their Division. Even if tasks have been delegated you should still be aware of recruitment needs for the entire County and kept up to date about how recruitment is progressing.

Handy recruitment toolkits are available on the website along with recruitment resources and hints and tips for recruitment in all areas, from Rainbows up to adult volunteers.

For County Commissioners there is also guidance on appointing District and Division Commissioners and a flowchart which outlines the appointment process. Information about Commissioner mentoring and the Commissioner designate period can also be found within this handbook. It is important to remember that all Commissioner Designate’s must have a six-month review following their designate period. If their Commissioner role is confirmed their Go! record should then updated. When carrying out this six-month review you may find this document useful.